“I strongly believe in people abilities to grow, develop and to improve their life uality. People can overcome crisis and make dreams come true in all aspects: relationship, career, Family, hobbies etc.”

Owning  BA degree in Psychology and Communication from Haifa University

MA Degree in Psychology from Bar Ilan University

Parity and Sexuality Thesis

Many professional courses among them: Coaching, Couple consulting, Mediation, team guidance and many more.

Iris Psychology license number is 8136 and is listed in Israeli Psychologies association Book.

Iris will meet you in her personal clinic located in Kiryat- Ono near Tel-Aviv Between trees and vineyards with her own private, quiet and pastoral corner.

 Meetings are also available using Digital online platforms such as Video Conference (Skype, Zoom etc.), phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook video chat, etc.

The psychological treatment approach is eclectic – that is, it combines different approaches to psychology: CBT, Coaching, Clinical treatment, NLP, Guided Imagery, Consulting etc.

Iris Engages in various and diverse fields:

Psychology Treatment

 enables and strength patient ability to deal with daily challenges, crisis and decision making. Every treatment is tailored to the client and his needs.

The main focus many times is on the patient relationships and communication patterns with his environment.

The treatment is a place for relieving stress, tension, negative thoughts, allowing a sense of calm, reaching for solutions, acceptance and self-love. The therapy and training sessions enrich the patient’s personal toolbox and allow for better future self-dealing.

After a few meetings, the patient will experience a change in different aspects and mainly the way the patient experiences his life, relationships, and point of view.

Many patients choose to engage the treatment with coaching, career advice and their search the right mate.

During the meetings we will plan and build a personal working plan that will evaluate and update its progress and results.

Over the past 20 years Iris is accompanying customers in their mate finding journey. Iris is considered an expert in this field and had the privilege to enjoy her customers success from being single to their wedding day and beyond. The journey requires self-work and strengthen the self-confidence, first impression, body language and dates advise etc.

Customers who are in relationship also may need the right support and advises how to improve the relations, to create intimacy, right courting way and improve the customer attraction.

As part of the meetings Iris will support the dating process, review and improve the dates, practice, support in the speed-dates events and participation in workshops.

Finding the right relationship workshops

In those workshops there is an equal male and female participants. A lecture will take place within special focus on first impression, body language, conversation topics etc. we will also have a mini speed date and personal feedback.

You can have a Snapp look in the below link:


Relationship retention / spousal and sexual counseling

Couples consulting is focusing in the aspirations, ambitions, expectations and disappointments of the couple. The consulting is for improving the joint communication and targets while dealing with conflicts by personal empowerment and joint understanding.

The consulting will support the couple reaching solutions that will improve their communication, How to Solve Conflicts Right, Raising Attention to Needs, Strengthening and Cultivating Passion, Strengthening Positive Points in their relationship, and Taking Self-Responsibility for Change.

Occupational learning guidance

By using different tools such as: personal psychological tests, mental skills tests, tests for emotional intelligence, in-depth personal conversation, graphological analysis etc. Iris will support customers in their early career, learning stage or career switching

Other Services

The following services are also part of Iris expertise:

Family care counseling

Organizational and business counseling

Financial counseling

Employment guidance

Group and team guidance

Speed date management

The purpose of the meetings is to provide a peaceful, positive, joyful life.

You deserve finding happiness and meet your aspirations.

I am here with a lot of listening and empathy for your own desires, needs and pace.

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